Logo Designing Process



After a series of brainstorming sessions a number of sketches are made which are able to depict the vision and message of the company effectively, these sketches are further shortlisted and refined towards the final logo


Once the logo sketch is finalized the second step is to convert the hand drawn sketch to a computer generated graphic, this is done in a vector based software usually Adobe Illustrator. In simple words we can say that vector images are those images which do not lose clarity/quality when resized


Till this stage the entire process is monochromatic i.e. black and white, once the base design is finalized then the coloring is tried and tested, various options are created based upon the majority usage of the logo and also the brand vision based on the color theory and the most suitable option is chosen for the final output

Final Output

Once the color scheme is finalized and all the minor changes are also completed the final file is made, various versions are prepared based upon the usage and hence finally delivered.