About Us


Vision & Mission 

We focus on Green solutions for branding, rebranding and advertising. We aim to create revolutionary concepts in advertising which can capture the attention of the target audience as well as provide good Return on Investment to investors keeping one thing concretely in place that all our actions will either save the environment or at least won’t harm it because in today’s world, every business is focusing on the Profit Maximization at the cost of Mother Nature. We also aim to eliminate plastic wherever it is being used merely because of its low cost. We are building a network that will promote eco-friendly products and environment saving techniques for advertising. Along with it, we aim to save trees and water with the help of our various initiatives like setting up a network of digital screens which will eliminate the need of flyers in newspapers, posters and also PVC flexes, Reject water storage tanks for RO water purifiers which will help re use huge quantities of water, Stationary made out of recycled paper etc.


Story Behind the name 

Aren’t you curious to know about the story behind our name. So, here we present you the Story behind the name “ATT World”.

Back in 2017 when our Founder and his Team were struggling to decide the name for their firm which should stand out in the crowd of various advertising companies. Each name that came up was either already registered or was not approved by the team, watching this delay there was a condition kept by Mr. Gitish that either his team would decide the name till the next day or he’ll name their firm as “Att” because his friends & team appreciated his work by saying Att (Att is a Punjabi word meaning Lit). Said as a mere warning he actually kept the name as the team was unable to reach to a single name, now “Att” alone did not look appealing hence “World” was added and the firm was registered as “Att World”

Now, just look at our Logo, that is also a design showing the sign of Att which is @ with three fingers denoting a hand which shows the symbol of att.

Then the question arrived how to introduce Att to the clients (national or international clients) because Att is a local word and not everybody understands that. So, that was pretty difficult to decide how it should be explained to others. This situation actually arrived when he met a German investor who came up with the question What is Att? That was the point when “Att” was named “A.T.T. World” and upon enquiring about the full form of ATT, he answered it as Advertising Tomorrow, Today!

So, this is the story behind our name


Fun Fact – Our founder Mr. Gitish had his name also documented spontaneously but the story won’t be revealed here for sure

Our Board of Advisors

Mr. Sanjay Kumar Singla (Advisor Business Development)

The owner of Buns N Bunnies, Mr. Sanjay K. Singla has always had a keen interest in networking and has worked with various networking companies in India and abroad.

Being a part of the prestigious Birchand Group of Tanzania, Mr. Sanjay Singla has a very vast experience in large scale Cotton Ginning, Commodity Trading, Logistics, Bottling, Banking & Tourism.

In 2003, he decided to return to his country, to his motherland India, and start his journey from zero all over again. Having no inheritance, he again established two new brands Buns N Bunnies and Patricia. Mr. Sanjay Singla is the perfect person if you want to know what a never giving up attitude means.

Along with business, Mr. Sanjay Singla is socially very active. He is a Melvin Jones Fellow with Lion’s club International along with having various positions in Human Rights Commission, SMPC, etc. in India.

Ms. Prriya Kaur (Advisor Talent Harnessing)

Ms. Prriya, Founder Director of Prriya Success Academy, lives in Scotland UK. She overcame all her challenges and emerged as a successful life coach, entrepreneur, NLP coach, Business coach, power to influence, sale, self-development and trainer. She believes that learning is an ongoing process and she continues to learn every day in her. She is confident of producing all the results that she wants in her life. Her comprehensive approach in life leads towards enhancing the knowledge.

The main motive of her life is to help willing individuals transform themselves by unlocking their true hidden potential. She is a lady with strong will power.

She has faced many challenges in her life and came up as a successful woman entrepreneur and has motivated many individuals.

Mr. Sukhi Gill (Advisor Business Expansion)

An MBA from a prestigious college can never beat the MBA gained from real life business struggles,it gives us immense pleasure to introduce you to Mr. Sukhi Gill, a very famous entrepreneur from Patiala. He is a person who has actually been through a life which we have just seen in movies. 

Beginning his life from a small village of Patiala he has travelled to 35+ Countries and owns multiple companies today, but the journey was definitely not a cakewalk, it demanded day & night efforts and he has proved that with will power no dream is distant. 

Managing 200+ employees directly and 2000+ employees indirectly he has his own brand “Headmasters” which has its presence across India along with having a Real estate business and a immigration venture he plays a keen role in guiding us through the process of growing our venture and planning expansions, confidence is the key and taking swift and correct decisions is what he is known for amongst the Indian business community 

Mr. Harshdeep Singh (Advisor Technology Implementation)

A successful entrepreneur from the royal city of Punjab, Patiala, Mr Harshdeep Singh needs no introduction. Having a very early exposure to business and a keen interest in the techno world, he has a global exposure when it comes to business and technology. Working with companies like Sony, Mitsubishi, Samsung, Apple, and Lloyd, among others, he has gained expertise in global business.

From his early college days, he has also worked with Ebay.in when e-commerce was just at its beginning stage and EBay a key player Mr. Harshdeep is the heir of the prestigious Amar Group of Punjab, which has its interests in electronics, hospitality, etc.

Known for his friendly nature and a positive attitude, you must meet him and get set to experience an aura you have never experienced before.

The reason behind co-founding ATT World is his vision to make people independent and provide opportunities to all the talented people of our country to unlearn, relearn and grow towards making India a prosperous country again.


Mr. Gitish Sanjay Singla (Founder)

A VFX artist and a junior engineer, Gitish is a graduate from Chandigarh University and is also an alumni of Thapar Polytechnic College. He has a keen interest in business.

A gold medalist in Animation & Multimedia and a Google-certified power searcher, he has a global exposure being an AIESECer for more than 4 years (AIESEC is world’s largest student run organization and has its presence in 126+ countries).

He belongs to the MUN circuit in Patiala and also a part of the founding team of AIESEC in Patiala.

He has also authored a book “The art of searching” based on the research of using Google in a much efficient manner, understanding the results and cutting down the overall time in research. The book is now being sold worldwide via Amazon and Kindle.

Along with being the founder of ATT World, he is passionate about saving the environment and making the world a better and happier place to live. Hence, he along with Miss Ria Paramjit Kaur also Co-Founded OCEAN (Organization Casketing Empowering & Assisting the Nation) a not for profit organization

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