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Business Registration

If you are planning a startup then you should register it. Registration of business is very important, it will give you many benefits, and it will protect your business and secure your rights against the third party and in the case of failure of registration you may have to face legal consequences. Registration of business is a primary thing for any business during incorporation. Business registration in India is not that difficult because there are various forms of business available where you can register your business under Company law, LLP laws, or Partnership Laws


A trademark can be defined as the unique identity that makes your product or service stand out from the rest. The unique identity or expression can be a logo, photograph, slogan, word, sound, smell, colour combination or graphics.A registered trademark acts as a protective cover of the company’s investment made in the logo or brand.Once you register a trademark, you can use an R symbol along with it and till you receive the registration you can use the ™ symbol


By law, copyright is the legal right entitled to creators of literary, dramatics, music, and artistic work and producers of films and recordings. When a proprietor registers for a Copyright, it gives him an exclusive right to reproduce, replicate, and distribute the work. Further, he can grant authority to some other entity for the same purpose. Register for copyright because it makes you communicate to the public, reproduce rights, and adapt & translate the works.

Now that your business is registered and intellectual property protection applied the next step is to build your online presence by building your businesses website