Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Logo Designing

The very first step for setting up any business is building its brand identity which begins from the Logo, the Logo is the most important element as it can’t be changed frequently in fact more the time passes more is the difficulty to update the logo. So, getting your logo professionally designed is always a good Idea. Here, we play with words, colors, shapes and numbers to make your brand’s logo attractive and feasible in all forms of usage along with making a lasting impression in the mind of your audience

Brand Guide

Now since we are done with the logo design process now we need the logo to be same in all our designs and across all our branches, this can not be done without defining to our team that what is right and what is wrong hence a brand guide is crafted by design experts which help the company to bring uniformity in all its designs having details about the logo its color combinations, proportions,placement details etc.

Stationery Designing

Once the logo designing work is completed the most important thing to be designed is the stationery mainly consisting of the Visiting Card, Letterhead & Envelope
These things leave an impression even before meeting someone and hence not just the designing but the printing material and quality is equally important

Since now we are done with creating the basic identity of the brand the next step is safeguarding our rights legally such that someone else does not take undue advantage and hamper our brand image, this is done by securing our designs as intellectual properties so as to be legally strong, we provide you with an expert team which allows you to safeguard your intellectual property and required documentation